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"A Letter to the White County Community"

Final Exam Policy:

Exam Exemption (from Student Handbook)
WCHS/NGA students will be exempt from final exams on a class by class basis if they have fewer than 4 tardies AND...
     Grade of 90 or better with three or less absences
     Grade of 80 or better with two or less absences
    Grade of 70 or better with no absences, and no missing or late work.
Students will not be exempt from state mandated End of Course Tests, but  may at the teacher’s discretion be granted an exemption from a unit test, or class project instead. Any student who receives an exam exemption and chooses to take the final will be allowed to decide if the grade will count towards their grade for the course.
Teachers have the discretion to allow final exam exemptions for students that are passing the class and MEET or EXCEED the LEARNING TARGET on the SLO ASSESSMENT

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